Teresa Giudice

Teresa explains why she can't discuss certain parts of her life.

on May 7, 2012

The argument between me and Melissa at the solstice party... yes it was ugly. That's usually what arguments are -- ugly. Especially between sister-in-laws who both love a husband and brother and want the best for him. But in our defense, no one got physical or even crossed a verbal line. For reality TV, it was actually pretty tame: no wig yanking or weave pulling or even profanity. I think the only real name-calling was Melissa saying I was a "coward" (which is kind of funny if you know me). I never wanted this conversation with my brother to be public, and tried to keep shutting it down, and even though Melissa wanted it to be public, and I was heated, I kept the details of the ugly rumors private. Why would I want any of that out there about anyone I love? Why would she? I have too much respect for Melissa and my brother to go there. Like I said last week, I am choosing to believe they aren't true, and I really want my brother's marriage to last.

So what do Caroline and Jacqueline have to do with my private conversation with my brother? The answer should be nothing. It's sad that Melissa put them in the middle by bringing up a months-old conversation. How is that helping anyone?