Teresa Giudice

Teresa explains the story behind the tabloid cover.

on Jun 12, 2012

The truth is Jacqueline and Caroline aren't on the covers of magazines every week presumably because it wouldn't make the magazine sell. They aren't missing from the magazines because they take some high road and say no. They aren't wanted. I'm not saying being wanted is better or somehow desirable because in most cases it isn't, but to say that I have any control over it is false. And they know it.

So on this episode they were all acting so shocked at the story they said I put out. First of all, they know I didn't put it out. Yes, for that one I posed for the photos rather than have random street shots of me used. And I wanted some photos of me and Gabriella since she's so quiet and not on the show a lot. During the shoot they asked me some questions, and I answered them. Some of them, not even all of them. And I didn't say anything bad about anyone.

What did I say? They were asking all about how my friends were treating me now that I was in bankruptcy. Obviously they wanted me to say something mean or crazy, but I didn't. No one has treated me differently. (Although I didn't know Caroline was talking about the supposed auctioning of my stuff on camera...I would never talk about her finances on TV!) I did say that Richie and Kathy (mostly Richie) used to jibe me about how many times I went to the mall. Richie would say, "How much gas did you use up today driving to Short Hills to buy more clothes, Teresa?" Maybe it's because he works at a gas station that he's so interested in gas, but he was always floored by how often I shopped. He didn't understand it because his wife wasn't on TV yet. Now that she is, she shops a lot too. Big deal. I'm not sure how saying that is so super bad like Kathy is making it out to be. Richie did say it all the time and it was annoying, so what. Kathy is all insulted though? I'm not buying it from the woman who said on TV about me: "I guess intelligence is a different language for Teresa," "It's not my job to raise her," and "You better wrap a sweater around that icy heart, because you’re gonna catch a nasty cold." Wow.

As far as the other ladies, their quotes are from THEM, not me. Those are the things they said themselves on the show. If a writer wants to label them as "insults," what can I do? Nothing. Just like I could do nothing about the cover headline: "I'm terrified of being poor." I guess I don't want to be poor, but I would never say that and I don't think like that. We grew up immigrants with nothing. No one wants to be poor, but I wouldn't have written that as my headline. Did I want it to also say I had "shocking debt"? No. Or that my marriage was in "crisis"? No. The editors write that I'm "bullied by my friends for being broke." Not my quote, not from me.