Teresa Giudice

Teresa explains the story behind the tabloid cover.

on Jun 12, 2012

Just for fun, google "Kim Kardashian Life & Style Cover" and read the headlines that come up: everything from "My Dream Wedding" to "The Proof Kim Cheated." One week it's Kim's bikini secrets, the next she's suing her own mother. She obviously doesn't like the like covers, but she has no control.

Again, all the other Housewives know this very well. To pretend I'm putting them out is just not true. In fact, the one time Jacqueline, Caroline, and I were all on the cover of In Touch together, we all got skewered for "The Secrets That Could Ruin Them." Apparently I caught Joe in a hotel room with a blonde, Jacqueline had a stripper past, and Caroline is involved in a police cover-up to "bury a horrific assault." So clearly I'm not best friends with the editors of In Touch, and they don't do me any special favors!

Now that you know how it works and that they know how it works, keep watching. The next few episodes (and the bad acting accompanying them) will blow your mind! It really blew mine!

I'm still on my national book tour. I was just in Miami, now I'm in Pennsylvania, then Chicago! Love meeting you all! I'm so honored by how well "Fabulicious: Fast & Fit" is doing! Thank you, thank you, thank you! If it's sold out in your store, you can still find it on Amazon: http://amzn.to/zWk87P.

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Tanti Baci,
Terasa xx