Teresa Giudice

Teresa updates us on Gia's dance team.

on Jul 9, 2012

You don't see my beautiful Gabriella on TV as much because she's not super extroverted. She kind of hides from the cameras, but she's always with us. She likes to watch what's going on, and she loves to draw. She's like an old soul. Gabriella is not as outspoken as her sisters, but believe you me, when she needs to, she says what's on her mind! She can hold her own. Don't let the quiet ones fool you!

And Audriana, OMG... she is like Milania No. 2! Whatever Milania says, Audriana says it right after her. She's tough and fiesty, just like Milania. Wait until you see her now, it's crazy!

I love, love, love my niece Antonia and was so happy to be at her birthday party. The kids had a blast. They love being together, and that's what it all about.

I really like Albie and hope he finds true love. He deserves it! (Everyone does!) Lindsey looks like a sweet girl. I wish them the best!