Teresa Giudice

Teresa was proud of Rosie's coming out moment with the kids.

on Jun 5, 2012

It was a looong day though and we were all stuffed from eating hot dogs, which explains why some people on the shuttle were dead tired like Greg, some like Joe and Chris were wound up and goofing off, and there were quite a few farts going around.

I'm going to be totally honest here, and I'm sorry I can only be who I am, but I didn't think Joe's joke to Greg was offensive for the same reasons some of you do. Yes, Joe (and ALL of the other jokers on that bus) was joking around, and yes like men do, he crossed the line by ragging on Greg -- like Greg has back to Joe a million times. But Joe's joke was about Greg sleeping around, not that he's gay. We used to joke with a girl in college who slept around about her private parts being so loose they "blew in the wind." It's a terrible joke, yes, but at least it's an equal opportunity offense. That's the thing about Joe, he treats everyone the same way -- his gay and his straight friends, they both get the same bad jokes.

Joe and I have lots of gay friends, we love and support them, and they don't want us to act differently around them -- they want us to love them and be open with them and be able to tell them anything, the same way we want them to treat us. Joe treats gay people like his buddies, just like he does his best straight friends. He has the same lame guy sense of humor with everybody. And he lets them have their sense of humor with him. That's how some guys accept each other.

I know the way we talk in Jersey is weird to some people -- a lot of places and communities have their own way of talking to their friends -- but actions speak louder than words. Look at Joe's actions: as soon as he saw that his joke upset Greg, Joe apologized and kissed him. Joe hugs and kisses gay guys just like straight guys. Joe and Jaime have hung out, and Jaime said Joe looks like his ex-boyfriend. (Jaime tweeted during the show that Joe is hot -- if you've met Joe in person, you know he is!) Joe remembered that and on camera in front of his kids said he was going to bust Jaime's chops for marrying someone else and "cheating" on him. How comfortable do you have to be to joke like that?