Teresa Giudice

Teresa Giudice shares some of the tweets she received about the show.

on Oct 9, 2012


I just can't put anything here. She has enough of a Twitter problem, and enough problems as it is. God Bless.


@TheFauxMilaniaG weird how "God Bless" has become code for "I f---ing hate your guts" #RHONJ

@favAuntJulie I find it odd that Teresa's kids, her marriage, & her legal troubles are part of the plot line, yet none of the others' are

@plainviewsue Only their marriage gets scrutinized. Only their financils get scutinized. See a pattern

@GregsLooseHole Everyone else's clip was about their accomplishments, the Giudices get this crap.

@HousewifeClown Everybody gets mad when their marriages are on display. But they love talking about Teresas marriage. They love it!

@mdtjohnson Teresa, love the show but I can't stand how everyone is treating you right now(well last year) I hope it has gotten better

@AlexJamesTweets Teresa, Stay true 2 urself. We "The Fans" Love u for u. Not what is said on TV about u.

@NaomiS777hawaii stay strong Teresa. Pray for the others on the show & God will take care of the situation.

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Tanti Baci,
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