Teresa Giudice

Teresa wasn't a big fan of Chris Laurita's husband summit.

on Jul 24, 2012

Hi Sweethearts!

I'm so excited you got to see me and Joe at Brotherhood Winery formulating our Fabellini! You didn't get to see it all, but we had such a great time that day. It's been such a great adventure, and I'm so grateful that you all love it! For information on where to buy it, visit my website.

Yes, Joe and I were a little annoyed with each other, but on the way in the car we were arguing about my brother and how he upsets me. Joe is sick of seeing me hurt and was telling me to move on. It wasn't pretty, but that's real life. That's being married for 12 years and dating since we were teenagers. We don't sugar coat our marriage and pretend things are roses for the audience. I wish marriage and relationships were always perfect, but we agreed to show our lives on camera, and we're showing it all. We don't change for the camera, pretending to be crazy romantic or super supportive of each other all of sudden when people are watching. We've always supported each other and we always will, even if we don't always say the perfect Hallmark thing.

Speaking of greeting card guys, how about that Chris Laurita? Who knew we had a new Housewife? I've known the guy for years and I've never heard him talk so much in my life! Of course I'm not loving what he has to say, especially since it's behind our backs. First of all, I think you can see my husband doesn't give a crap about other people's personal lives, and he's definitely not running around town talking about Chris. That's just insane. Joe said something to Chris at a birthday party that ended up being quoted in a tabloid, and I warned Joe that Chris shouldn't be trusted, but Joe just doesn't care. He keeps being nice to people, he'll stay friends with anyone. He just doesn't have time for bullshit. You could see he wasn't thrilled to be at the knitting circle clipping coupons and gossiping with the other husbands that night at Chris' house, but he showed up to keep the peace. And I'm so proud of him for defending me.