Caroline Manzo

Caroline explains why she wanted to involve herself with Joe and Teresa's relationship.

on Jun 9, 2013

Watching Jacqueline tell Nick's story to Parenting Magazine should give you a little bit of an idea of the challenges that the parents of an autistic child face. I see it first hand, and it breaks your heart because there are no easy answers, there is no playbook, and there is at times such a marked difference as to what works for one child that has a completely different effect on another. Jac and Chris deal with Nick daily, realistically speaking, minute to minute with an unflinching positive attitude towards recovering Nicholas so that he may one day walk into a room with that gorgeous little face of his and say, "Hi Mom, Hey Dad, how was your day?" I know one thing for sure, if love can heal, this day is imminent in Little Nick's future.

Finally, let's discuss my meeting with Teresa. Last week I received numerous Facebook and Twitter comments about my meeting with Joe Gorga. They ranged from mind your own business, to you have a great big heart, to I have a thing for Joe. Two out of three of you are right in your opinion. Maybe I am overstepping my boundaries, and yes, it's my heart that is putting me there. As to the third, grow up.