Garden Statements's Associate Producer thinks between the tap routine and that colorful coat, Audriana was this week's breakout star.

on Aug 5, 2013

And last but not least, it is presumably celebration-worthy that Jacqueline and Teresa came face-to-face this week. Whether or not it turns out OK is still yet to be seen, but I can't say it was the most promising start. It's not an easy task to go from "f--- you for blaming your family problems on me" and "remember when you started all those cheating rumors" to a place of let's be cordial and be able to eat an antipasti platter together in peace. But hey, stranger things have happened in Jersey.

Side Note: When Teresa called Jacqueline and said, "It's your favorite friend," was anyone else hoping that it was Santino?

I'd be remiss not to mention the two Milania moments that graced the screen this week. First when we learned that Milania won't be doing any cooking for her future husband.

Girl power!

And that she's very concerned that Gia's lipstick usage may turn off her "boyfriend" when they kiss.

On that note, I leave you with an exclusive sneak peek at next week's episode in which Teresa asks Siri what a "sociopath" is.