Jacqueline Laurita

Jacqueline talks about hearing Nicholas say "I love you" again.

on Jun 9, 2013

I go to school classroom observations and meet with therapists. We both go to IEP meetings and doctor visits. Chris has taken over a lot in the cooking department while I take Nicholas in his daily Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy treatments. Chris handles all paperwork for insurance company billing and I make sure the therapists are paid. We both speak at Autism events and conferences to spread Autism Awareness. We both take the time to learn as much as we can from others. Our amazing niece/babysitter, Sarah, picks up all of our slack when we can't be there.

We both work hard but we always make sure that we take the time for each other. Chris is my rock! We also have to make sure we dedicate special one-on-one time with our son CJ so he gets the attention he deserves as well. With all of our new responsibilities to juggle, mixed in with our usual everyday demands, I think we do a pretty darn good job working as a team.  It does get stressful at times, but we will stick it out and fight for our child. We will never give up. It's a joy and a challenge every single day!

Neither Chris nor I want to see any of our kids struggle, so it's very painful to see how hard Nick has to work everyday to reach his goals. We've learned to appreciate and celebrate Nick’s accomplishments no matter how small it may seem to others. The moments that parents of typical kids often take for granted are the moments that we cherish the most. Those moments give us hope. It shows our child is progressing. It's what we pray for.