Jacqueline Laurita

Jacqueline was surprised to hear some of the things Teresa's friend had to say about her.

on Jun 16, 2013

Teresa called it "her" gym as if she owned it. I thought it was so presumptuous of her to think I went there specifically to stalk her. It just sounded ridiculous to me. I wasn't looking to fight with her, and I wasn't looking to rekindle a friendship either. At that point in time, I wasn't worried at all about Teresa's whereabouts or would even consider planning my schedule around her. I was on my own schedule. We both still shopped and ate at some of the same places. We both continued to go to the same doctor for our cosmetic procedures. Eventually, our paths would cross.

I was really surprised by Teresa's "friend" Linda's comments about my "fat ass" not being at the gym for the last however many months she documented me not going. Especially when I ran into Linda soon before that and she was soooo friendly with me to my face and told me how great I looked. I know she's probably going to read this so...this is for her: Linda, so sorry my "ass" isn't to your liking, (Chris loves it), but I've been kinda busy the last few months doing research and trying to recover my child, raising Autism awareness, starting a new business, keeping up with my house, while still focusing on my family and friends. I wasn't putting the gym at the top of my priority list. (I put it above bleaching my asshole, but below everything else I had going on.) I have a busy life. But hey, having a fit body CLEARLY isn't a gauge of how good of a person you are. Seeing as though some of your best friends are actually bigger in size than I am, I hope you didn't offend them by making them wonder if you judge them and what you say behind their backs, as they saw you do to me. You told me you liked me and that you had nothing bad to say about me when talking to me, but your attitude about me seemed to change when speaking to Teresa. You may be strong, but you're obviously not strong enough to be your own person. Fall back, soldier! Try working on your heart muscle. It will make you much more appealing.