Melissa Gorga

Melissa opens up about her marriage and the argument with Joe.

on Jul 1, 2013

She said that if Joe agreed with me, he had to be brainwashed. That’s a harsh comment. Does she really think Joe isn’t in his right mind because he loves me? Or that I’ve got him under a spell? He’s just being a good, loving husband! No witchcraft. No voodoo. I don’t think Teresa can wrap her mind around that. He’s not a cult victim. He’s in a healthy marriage based on mutual respect, trust, and affection. Breaking news: When a husband treats his wife well, it does NOT mean he’s been mentally tampered with.
Kathy and Rich have a real marriage. They’re having a power struggle at the moment. I’ve been through something similar. It took time and effort to strike a good balance. I know Kathy and Rich will work it all out.