Teresa Giudice

Teresa explains why she didn't want to get too involved when Melissa confronted Jan.

on Aug 19, 2013

Hello Loveys!
I loved how this episode started: with my kids and my niece and nephews having a play date. I love when my family is together -- nothing makes me happier!
Milania sliding down the banister in a stuffed bra -- there are no words. That kid. She's so funny. I never know what to expect from her. She is full of energy, but she's also one of my snuggliest kids. She loves to cuddle. Out of all my 4 girls, she gives me the most kisses, and tells me she loves me the most. She drives me the most nuts, but she makes up for it by giving me the most love. She was upset that she didn't get to come to the hair care launch party since the public picked her name for the first release of products, but it was an adult party, and I knew she wouldn't have any fun.
The Youthful 8 - Milania Collection hair care launch party was amazing! I was so thrilled that so many salon owners and press and my family and friends were able to come. I wish you could have seen the product more since the bottles themselves are so beautiful, but trust me, it's the greatest product I've ever used on my hair. It makes my hair so soft, and it smells so, so good! To celebrate the launch, this week only you can get a free full-size bottle of your favorite product. For details, go to www.milaniahaircare.com.