Amber Marchese

Amber Marchese weighs in on her sit-down with Nicole Napolitano.

on Aug 18

"Let the sunshine in, Let the sun shine!" LOL! Wow, it took a lot to get here. I am so happy that we are at this point, but again, I have to say, I wish this meeting with Nicole would have taken place right off the bat. We could have chatted, and I could have apologized.  Whether the information I was told is true or not, clearly Nicole is hurting (and tormented) inside. I never want to see another person hurting, and I especially do not want to see a friend of mine hurt.  

I don’t want to beat (or should I say mutilate) a dead horse at this point, but I want to make a few final points. At the time of me telling Melissa, I truly was telling it as I heard it "through the grapevine" without knowing the validity. I was not being malicious. However, from the point of telling Melissa to the point of sitting in front of Nicole, I realized that our definitions of "affair" are very different, as Nicole's recent explanation of her situation proves. It's the difference between "separated" and "divorced." However, everyone has the right to make a choice and we approach these choices from different points of views. My feelings are that, as a woman, I never want to interfere with a family. If a divorce is filed and pending that is one thing, but if they are only separated there is a chance for the family to reunite. We have enough single parents in this country; the best circumstance is an intact family with both mommy and daddy. I would never want to risk becoming the reason that a family stays apart or the potential reason for children hurting. This is my point of view; I stand completely firm on these feelings and in the end I am not here to judge, just offer my viewpoint. 

What I still do not understand is how this situation ever escalated the way it did in the first place. It would have been a hell of a lot more sane if this "sit down" conversation happened prior to the spectacle that Nicole had put on at the party. Either way, I learned a very valuable lesson from all of this. I pray we can honestly all move on.