Melissa Gorga

Melissa Gorga dishes on the awkward conversation with Amber.

on Jul 14

Hi babydolls! ‎

We're back! And with some new blood! I know there seem to be a lot of changes going on, and if you're like me, you're probably a little leery about it. But don't be! I promise you're going to love this new season! It's fresh, it's new, and everyone was ready to go with bells on. Trust me! Sometimes too many bells!  

‎There will be no shortage of drama this season, but you are also going to see a lot of personal things going on in each of our lives and see how much all of our babies have grown! 

Antonia is growing up to be such a sweet and beautiful little girl. Gino still makes up laugh every single day, and my baby Joey is getting so big! I want him to stay my baby forever. My kids are my world, and Joe and I are so incredibly blessed.

OK, onto our first episode...

Dina is back, and I'm glad she is. We've always gotten along really well, and it was nice to have a level-headed person there during some of the drama.