Melissa Gorga

Melissa Gorga weighs in on Victoria Gotti's comments about Teresa Aprea's mother.

on Aug 25

Hi everyone!

Ahh! I'm holding onto summer like I hold my red wine glass when I watch the episodes of #RHONJ! 

Let me start by thanking Bravo for showing those beautiful pictures of my Aunt Louella. She was honestly one of the most positive, happy, and generous women I knew! She always went above and beyond what an aunt should be. I will always be grateful for my memories of her picking me up since I was a child and having me spend play dates with my cousin, Jenna. She will always be in our hearts. Cancer is so scary and we need to find a way to beat it soon. 

I was very grateful that Amber came by after she heard my aunt had passed. I am not a grudge holder, and I always appreciate when someone has good intentions. It was sweet of her to bring me soup, and I definitely needed a hug. It was also the first time she ever met my children, so it was a very nice visit. 

It was also good to spend the night with my sister-in-law. We love each other and our children love each other. We had a great time and I actually enjoyed watching The Godfather! Life is about health, happiness, and family.