Nicole Napolitano

Nicole responds to the home wrecker rumor Amber shared with Melissa.

on Jul 29

Now this is the biggie that night after watching this week's episode. I was shocked to hear that horrific lie you told Melissa for millions of people to see. You didn’t waste any time. Here I am thinking you are my friend, and from day one you have been my enemy! WOW! WOW! WOW! Disgraceful! You call yourself a Christian, yet the lies don’t end with you! Two things I despise in life are LIARS and HYPOCRITES! 

You were my friend to whom I opened up. I shared with you the reason why I got divorced. I shared with you how devastating that time in my life was and how hard it was for my children, but yet you never thought once about how they would have to hear this disgusting lie about their mother. How important the SANCTITY of marriage was to me and what it meant after being married fourteen years. How I despise women who break up a marriage. And leave it up to you Amber. That’s where you stooped. Could you get any lower than an ant's ass?! I will answer that for you, Amber! No, you CANNOT! You have reached your absolute low. There is a God and HE is the one you will have to answer to one day, and before that you'll have to answer to me at the reunion! 

So I left the boutique and immediately wanted to see you in person. I wanted to see you face-to-face to see if you had any bit of a conscience left. I wanted to ask you face-to-face if such a horrific lie really did come out of your mouth. I wanted to see personally if you were going to tell me the truth about what you said to Melissa or squirm trying to get out of it. Sunday's episode proved 100% that you did tell Melissa the lies for everyone to hear. I had respect for your family, so that is why as hurt and angry as I was, I realized I never would disrupt your household or hurt your children in any way allowing them to hear the vulgarities that their mom was spreading. You on the other hand knew my boys and didn’t have the same respect, spreading lies about their mother for everyone to hear.