Teresa Aprea

Teresa Aprea was glad Bobby had her sister's back after the confrontation with Amber Marchese.

on Aug 12

Hello all my cuters,

I am so sorry this blog is late! This was a week full of a lot of family time! My uncle’s 70th birthday, my best friend’s 25th wedding anniversary, and my niece Olivia’s 13th birthday. I hope you all enjoyed the pics I shared on my Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Also, to top off this week, Community Magazine chose me and Nicole for the cover of its magazine, calling us the Dynamic Duo. We are grateful and honored that Community chose us to represent the "new girls" for #RHONJ.

Getting into Sunday’s episode, I’ll start off by saying how great it was to see the Giudices having wonderful family time together with their new chickens. Being the family-first person that I am, I absolutely loved seeing Teresa and Joe with their kids. Milania was adorable with the chickens. Can’t wait to get some of those fresh Giudice eggs.

Seeing Dina and Lexi together is always heartwarming. I can relate to the love of a mom and her “one and only.” The connection is immense, and I love the bond the two of them shared getting their heart tattoos together -- a permanent symbol of their love shining bright. 

As for Melissa giving Nicole a head’s up on the rumor that Amberzilla is spreading… That is not called betrayal, that is called being a girls’ girl and having Nicole’s back. Amber must stop insulting the intelligence of everyone watching, because it is obvious to everyone that she is one BIG habitual liar, and she is constantly back peddling. Also thank you, Melissa, for reiterating what took place that night at the first responders party about how Amber did grab Nicole’s arm first while having dinner with Amber. Amberzilla was the aggressor and Nicole was defending herself -- the truth always comes out!