Teresa Aprea

Teresa Aprea regrets her comment from the Harvest party.

on Jul 22

This week I dedicate this blog to my dear friend Mikey Flatley who has passed. While I should have been elated after the premiere last week, I was not. The past week was filled with sadness and pain for my friend who at 32 has gone on to heaven. Mikey found me on Instagram right before filming started. He was the biggest Bravo Housewives fan. People thought I was insane going Christmas shopping with him and inviting him into my life even though we just met and I knew nothing about him. However, I had an immediate connection with Mikey and knew his heart before I even met him in person. His heart was like no other -- the most selfless person I have ever met. He just loved, loved, loved, and made everyone feel so special. We rang in the New Year together and he attended many family parties. He even filmed with me at my home, and was so happy to be part of the RHONJ finale. My family and friends enjoyed Mikey and getting to know him. My heart was truly broken for the short time that he was a part of my life. He changed my life and will own a piece of my heart forever.

So as for me this week, although I was blessed with this episode, I cried many times thinking of Mikey at Christmas and our time together. But in his honor, watching this episode with my family was a good thing, lots of laughs too, which is the way the Mikey would have wanted it. 

This week’s episode was awesome. It was so wonderful seeing all of us enjoying special times around the holidays with our families. I was feeling the love all around with my RHONJ family. Lots of cooking with the Apreas and Napolitanos; the new puppy for the Giudice girls, who are just adorable; spiritual nature time with Lexi and Dina. (By the way I must add that getting to know Lexi has been a lovely experience -- she is a beautiful young lady, whom I absolutely adore. She is definitely great daughter-in-law material, LOL!) I enjoyed seeing the Gorgas have a fun snow day with their three cuties, whom I am just crazy about. Also Melissa needs to get me a pair of those giant boxing gloves for when Rino drives me crazy, ha ha!

As for the Marcheses, I must apologize for saying “where did that f---- kid put my shawl?” My language was unacceptable and I did not at any time purposely mean to address any insult towards that child. Every child is precious in my eyes, and I sincerely apologize to the Marchese family. On a good note, the children really looked like they had a blast decorating the gingerbread house -- every kid needs sugar once and a while! As for Jim, I found it nauseating to hear his typical obnoxious and toady remark during the sneak peek at next week's episode about how he cannot be in the same room as Joe Giudice since Joe has indictments against him. Who is Jim to look down and judge others when the Giudices are going through such a horrific time?