Teresa Giudice

Teresa shares her thoughts on Amber and the twins.

on Jul 28

Hi Sweethearts,

I hope you are enjoying the summer! We were at the beach this weekend. I love hanging out with my family in the warm sunshine more than anything. I can barely watch all the snow from last winter on these episodes. I never want it to get cold again.

At this point, I was still getting to know the new ladies on the show. Joe and I had a great time at Angelo's with Teresa and Rino and Nicole and Bobby. I love the family portrait painted right on the wall! And it was very sweet of Amber to come to my dessert party and be so concerned for me. I do cry more easily now, especially when someone else is crying! They all have huge hearts, those girls.

It's been crazy watching Dina and Lexi get ready for college. Lexi was just a baby like yesterday! And in not too long I'm going to be doing the same with Gia... madonna mia, I can't even think about it. Seeing Audriana when she was first born in Dina's arms was incredible, and now she's dancing all over the place. Where does the time go?