Alex McCord

Alex talks Fashion Week(end), new Housewife Sonja, Simon's shopping spree, and Ramona's runway walk!

on Apr 15, 2010


Wow, I’m writing this blog from sunny Los Angeles where we are about to hit the South Coast Plaza Borders to do a signing of Little Kids, Big City – we are loving the great comments from our readers on Facebook and our website!

Welcome to Sonja Morgan! (It’s about bloody time…) She is fab – with the intelligence of someone who doesn’t depend on others for success in this world, regardless of whom she married. We became fast friends and I’m only sorry I didn’t meet her ten years ago! My favorite thing about Sonja is that anytime I invite her to a party she always brings a bevy of cute guys.

Brooklyn Fashion Week{end} was a great success, despite comments from the front row. We raised money for the Brooklyn Style Foundation to mentor young and low-income designers, and I was thrilled that Loris Diran helped the cause by showing his beautiful collection (which you can get either at his boutique or Bergdorfs.) Derek was a star, ditto Alegra, Joe, Jeremey, Eddie and several of the ladies came out in support.

I had organized hair, makeup and a dress from Loris for Jill, and she was nothing but complimentary to me backstage so I was a bit surprised to see the footage and discover that she was so cranky at the show. Jill didn’t seem to expect that she would see edgy young designers at the show; I really don’t know what she thought she was attending. Maybe she missed the other fabulous dresses because was looking at the floor or maybe she was mesmerized by Ramona’s walk. Something really did click into place though – when I walked she said I was channeling the devil. I’m going to ask you to remember that phrase, as you might hear it again from someone else. Things that make you go hmmmm. I was so happy that Ramona and Kelly walked in the show, and even though Ramona got nervous, she put her heart and soul into Brooklyn Fashion Week{end} for that evening and I appreciated that.