Alex McCord

Alex talks about Kelly's Playboy shoot, her own controversial pics, and her run in with Jill and LuAnn.

on Mar 18, 2010

That evening Kelly said some really, truly lovely things about the time we’d spent together by the pool in the Hamptons, neither of which made the cut. Our sons really took to her and François nicknamed her “Tiger” which is how he refers to her even today. Maybe Jill and LuAnn didn’t like it that Kelly complimented the boys, or maybe it was unconscious, but either way their reaction to Kelly saying something positive about our boys was to stomp all over that compliment by saying something negative. Something that, once I got to the bottom of it, wasn’t the mortal sin they made it out to be. At Ungaro, I didn’t know what they were talking about. Turns out, on the dock Labor Day weekend, Simon and the boys picked me up after the outing with Ramona. Simon introduced them to a guy we knew, who high-fived them and roughhoused with them. He wasn’t wearing a tux, we weren’t in church – it was a holiday weekend and everyone was in beachwear and sandals. If I were 5 ½ years old, after giving a new grownup a high-five and seeing it reciprocated with interest, I would have reacted the same as François. He grabbed the guy’s hands, walked up his legs and did a flip. Maybe Jill and LuAnn wouldn’t have when they were little. Too bad for them.

Moving on to Kelly’s announcement, or rather Jill’s announcement of Kelly’s big news. I’m glad that she realized it wasn’t the 40th anniversary and owned that. Hey, if she wants to pose for a men’s magazine, more power to her. I do have a big, raging problem with the fact that I was crucified in season one by the others because pictures I had taken for myself and my husband, leaked out where they shouldn’t have. LuAnn called them “weird.” I call her judgmental behavior and hypocrisy “weird.” The end. Wait – not the end. I’ll make one editorial comment – I was sorry that the photos of Kelly with the bunny ears didn’t make it into the mag. I would have liked to have seen something more Helmut Newton’ish, more Ellen von Unwerth, more artistic and playful, which I thought the bunny ears could have been. Regardless, she did look beautiful. Props.

I was glad to see Bobby receive a clean bill of health. In the end if you don’t have your health, you don’t have much of a life. Sometimes watching the show and reading the news I feel like I’m playing catch up, because we’d seen the Zarins a few times over the summer and nothing had really been said about cancer until after it was all over. I do remember an unrelated health scare prior to that which we knew all about. Regardless, and despite all the drama, I’m happy Bobby is healthy and hope he stays that way.