Ask Gloria

Jill Zarin's mother, Gloria, answers your questions.

Jul 21, 2009

I am thirty-two years old. My mom  passed away three years ago. It has been a difficult three years, feeling that  I do not have the one person that is suppose to teach me how to be a woman  around. I have felt like I am stuck between being a girl and a woman, though I  have a beautiful daughter and wonderful husband. Three months ago my dad died,  and now I am feeling abandoned and orphaned. I want so badly to have someone  there that I can go to, someone that will cheer me on, someone that will just  listen. How do I move passed this?


Dear  Amy,
Your depression is quite understandable.  If you have a sibling, you might consider becoming closer. If not, try to get out every day. Take an exercise class.  Exercising seems to affect people in a very positive way. Try taking up a sport, or some sort of class such as art, etc.  Keeping busy is a very positive way of averting depression. Spend an evening a week having dinner out or a movie with your husband. You will think of there things that interest you. Life passes so fast that you had better take advantage of the years left in good health. Take care.