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The Countess answers your questions about titles and wedding attire.

Apr 7, 2009

I assisted in teaching an etiquette class for two years, and amongst my friends I am somewhat known as the authority on that subject, kind of like you! I have one question, what is your view on teenagers and young adults addressing adults as Mrs. or Mr. and their first name? Or should always be by the last name? Thanks!

Hi R.J.G,
Wonderful work you do...I think its a matter of preference. I prefer being called by my last name. It's either the last name or please call me John/Jane preceded by Mr., Mrs. or Miss. The Countess

Dear Countess,
A number of friends and associates come to me for etiquette advice. I am actually considering a program for young girls and teens. Of course, I have background and experience; would a certification course be worth the time? If so, are you familiar with credible schools of etiquette? I only know of one, and would like to shop around (if need be).
Thank you!

Hi Renee,
Educating yourself is never a waste of time. I encourage you to pick a program that works for your needs. Obviously something that enhances your already vast knowledge. Merci!
The Countess