Ask the Countess

The Countess answers your questions about baptism attire and graduation announcements.

May 5, 2009


We are baptizing our baby girl soon in the Catholic Church. I was thinking of wearing this pretty, semi casual long white dress. It was a dress I wore after getting out of my wedding dress, and going to dinner with my husband after our wedding. So it is an important dress to me. Anyways, I wasn't sure if only the baby wears white? Thanks!

Hi Rebecca,
Congratulations! I think you should wear your white dress and use some accessories for color. It's sweet to wear something that is meaningful to you. Best.
The Countess

Quick question: Is it okay to send out my graduation announcements after I actually graduate from college? I have exams all next week and I don't know if I'll have time to send them out beforehand. Is that okay?
THANKS! P.S. The NYC season is my favorite :)
Alison Elizabeth

Hi Alison,
Thanks darling. I think it's perfectly acceptable. Concentrate on your finals and send them out just after. Good Luck!
The Countess