Bethenny Frankel NY

Girls night out, networking and Jason the shy guy.

on Mar 25, 2008


You seemed a bit relieved this week when LuAnn and Alex hit it off so quickly at the girls night out. How was the outing overall? Any thoughts on the dynamic of having everyone all at one table?

Truthfully, I used to be the kind of person who felt responsible for everyone around me and uncomfortable when people weren't bonding. As I've matured, I've mellowed and cared much less about things like that.

I'm really an insular person socially and have very few very good friends, so I'm not one who feels the need to be best friends with everyone. It was a nice, fun afternoon, and it was fun to observe. I thought it was very secure of Luann to share her lice situation with everyone. I'm sure it's happened to every parent at one point.