Jill Zarin

Jill refuses to stoop to the level of her castmates!

on Apr 15, 2009

I haven't spoken with Brad today and I hope he isn't mad. As I have always said that we have a unique relationship. He was a bit tipsy that night and was overly flirting with Max, making everyone very uncomfortable. But Brad is Brad and we love him for it.

Everyone needs to relax - my birthday present reveal scene was funny, no? We actually bought the car (lease) at a charity event Zang Toi hosted for the Lance Armstrong Foundation. I had recently gotten a traffic ticket for talking on the phone and Bobby knew the requirement was Bluetooth ready. Sometimes I move too fast and it appeared on initial impression to be incompatible with the iPhone. However, upon further investigation it IS compatible and I love the car. I love their hands-free concierge service. It's too long to explain here, but trust me - we did not get another car.

Sometimes I just wish some of the ladies would call me before filming. I would have given them some good advice. (And if I don't know the answer, I always have Gloria!) I am trying to learn from Bobby not to be mean and stoop down to the level of some of these ladies (and gentleman). They take catty to a new level. Though sometimes I have to defend myself.