Jill Zarin

Fashion row faux pas.

on Mar 19, 2008


First off, the Luca Luca scene. Can you talk a little more about what being in the front row of a fashion show means? How exclusive is it?

I love fashion week. The failure or success of any business is buying "right". I help buy fabrics for Zarin Fabrics, and it is important to identify color and pattern trends in the clothing industry as it translates to some extent into home furnishings. With that said, of course I love to buy clothes and this gives me a chance to see the newest lines before they get to the stores. Fashion shows are put on to impress the store buyers as well as the fashion industry making seats hard to come by. Over time, I have developed relationships with different fashion houses as a customer and get invited to their shows. It is an honor to be invited to sit in the front row, but not an entitlement. If I am asked to attend as a front row guest, I like to wear the designers clothes and get a little more dressed up than I might if not in the front row. Allyson's first day of school was the same day as the Luca Luca Show. I had already accepted their invitation to sit in the front row and bought a Luca Luca suit before I realized the conflict. I am a woman of my word and felt the right thing to do was go. Honestly, I was having a bad day, was not in a good mood and felt guilty not being at school when she got out at 3 pm. When Luca Luca made the mistake, they offered kindly to re-seat me. We all make mistakes. I look forward to their Fall 2008 show! I am a big Luca Luca fan and customer.