Jill Zarin

Jill Zarin talks surprise renovations, dating advice, and potential book deals!

on Mar 17, 2009

I was beyond shocked when I saw the renovations. I had been talking to Brad about renovating my apartment for 2 years. I really wanted to move, but I admit, I was a little lazy. It takes a lot of energy to move. My priorities are Allyson and Bobby. I was working at Zarin Home at the time, and just didn't have enough time to move. Brad knew this and really wanted to help me. He always means well. However, he was a little too enthusiastic and told the film crew to come to apartment and film him talking through some ideas he had. I approved it and was excited. I did not know he was actually going to move out all my furniture and personal items without us actually going through everything. In fact, our passports were still in our night tables. Thank goodness Bobby is perfect and remembered that. We had to ask the movers to bring back some personal items in the furniture. It was not a good way to start the project. The other problem was Brad had planned his annual month long trip to Morocco in August. He would not be here to supervise the critical part of job. He created the look I wanted, but Katelyn and the entire team at Zarin Home had to execute the plan in August alone. I was very frustrated.

I can see LuAnn's point of view, but it sets women's rights back about 40 years, don't you think?

I wish Alex and Simon had invited us over sooner for a consultation. I think they hired very professional people, but it always helps to have a decorator's eye look things over. I can't comment on the finished project until everyone sees it.

LuAnn gives Bethenny some dating tips, and she tells Bethenny to play the "damsel in distress." I can see LuAnn's point of view, but it sets women's rights back about 40 years, don't you think? I have a lot of tips on dating, but I will wait until someone asks my opinion first. Certainly, Bethenny has no problem finding dates.