Kelly Killoren Bensimon

Kelly Killoren Bensimon shares more on her relationship with Max, and the hardships of dating in NYC.

on Apr 13, 2009

After coming back from the A-List Awards on the redeye, I was filmed for the Thread, which appears on Apparently everyone is curious about what I wear on the show. The flower belt is a flower that I stapled to a piece of fabric and made it into a belt. It looks cute on a dress low slung, or even on jeans. I wore a feather choker at the A-List Awards, which everyone was asking me about. Ribbon isn't only for a child's hair - it is a cheap way to be creative and fun. On the Thread, they literally went through my closet and wanted to see all the clothes that I have been wearing on the show, even the green dress.

I then attended the Today Show Moms Book Party that launched on Monday. Jessica Seinfeld's charity Baby Buggy was the charity that is reaping Pampers benefit. I wish I had their book to read while I was pregnant. I was so scared to have a baby, and I knew no one who had or was having kiddies. This new book is an awesome resource for new moms to be.

As for the show, this week is so funny. I take Max to Jill Zarin's fabric store. Before I knew who Jill was, I actually bought her fabric to change my white couches into hot pink Barbie couches, which was featured in InStyle Home.