Kelly Killoren Bensimon

Horse shows, Saks photoshoots, and snow days with Kelly!

on Mar 3, 2009

Riding in a car on my way to Saks Fifth Avenue where I was shooting a fashion segment for the TV show Extra!, I started feeling an ache in my hip. Yup, the same ache that I feel every day because of my major spill I had this summer as I was thrown off a horse just days before the Hampton Classic horse show, the biggest horse show of the summer.

But, like I always tell my girls, "Killorens always finish strong."

How much fun is it to ride an animal who fears leaves and even tissue? It is that much fun? 400 pounds of fun. But when I fall, it always goes through my head, "What am I doing?" and "Is it all worth it?" As odd as it seems, I love this crazy sport. I love their athleticism and playfulness. I am hooked. Yes, I took a major spill again on Local Day, where locals are the only ones allowed to ride. It falls on the Sunday before the Hampton Classic begins. My trainer, Harriet Strumph, was clucking like crazy to get me to leg my horse, and I stayed still in so much pain until the mare dumped me. Keeeeerplop!

Even at 2'6'', I went flying over her whithers. So, do you think I was a little nervous to compete against the best riders in the country at 3 foot? Ahh, yes. I was petrified. But, like I always tell my girls, "Killorens always finish strong."