Kelly Killoren Bensimon

Kelly reflects on the shocking conclusion of the NYC reunion.

on May 14, 2009

Who starts the fights? I was asked to do this show for a reason. You may love me, you may hate me, or you may think I look like your cousin, but I've got you hooked. OOPS! I am a completely different housewife compared to these women, and that's OK. Honestly, I was always shocked at how they talk to each other; you can see it on my expression (maybe I should start getting Botox.) Reflecting back, I wish I had seen the first season, so I would have been prepared. I was totally unprepared for every situation, and you can see when I say with an expression of disbelief, "What?" But, I chose to take a great leap of faith and do something completely out of the box. Isn't it odd how I never comment on them? Doesn't it come across as strange that I don't ever say anything bad in any of my interviews? Yes, I drive a Dodge Ram, yes I am accomplished, and yes, I have been working since I was 16 years old. I am so proud of what I have done and where I come from. New York is far from Rockford, Illinois. I was raised by amazing parents and exposed to the best education in the country. If I learned one thing from my past it is: If it's good, it's good. There is no discussion or price point. That's what makes me fundamentally different, and that's why they get so angry.

Yes, Jill Zarin is my favorite housewife because she tries. She always tries to do her best, and I respect that. She did know that I had texted her at 9:45 on the night of the Halloween party. Watch the episode where I talk to her at Simon and Alex's house the night after the party. Gotcha, Jill!

I also sent each one of them a handwritten thank you note for making the effort to come to the Halloween party.