LuAnn de Lesseps

LuAnn talks city living, dating, and weighs in on Bethenny and Jill's conflict.

on Apr 1, 2010


Victoria is an incredible artist and is always sketching clothes and accessories. She has a sincere interest in fashion design and will intern with the designer Catherine Malandrino this summer.

I missed the sophistication and convenience of the city when I lived exclusively in the Hamptons. Now that we have moved into a pied-à-terre, we have the best of both worlds. My children missed the freedom of living in the city where they can meet up with their friends without having to coordinate transportation. Now that we have a place in town, we can all enjoy the city.

I was prepared to talk to Victoria about dating in general; I just wasn’t ready to talk about me dating. She believes that since her father has moved on that I should too. Victoria made me smile when she gave me advice about the age range for the men I can date. I assured her that I would date only age-appropriate men, although a little younger is OK with me.

If I had a wine glass like the one I gave Jill, mine would say, “Never Complain, Never Explain." Nobody wants to hear it.