LuAnn de Lesseps

LuAnn de Lesseps talks "Yappy Hour," her award, and the perks of being a part of a big family.

on Feb 24, 2009

Aston's birthday was great. Victoria at Hampton Hound holds a "Yappy Hour" every Saturday so I thought it was the perfect venue for Aston, the kids, and of course the Housewives to come and celebrate with us and brings along their pets. I didn't expect Ramona to come with a lizard. Then again, you never know what to expect from Ramona!

"The moment you think you're ripe, you begin to rot."

Here I was getting an award from The American Cancer Society, the biggest award of my life, and I made the biggest faux pas by talking and not listening, which I'm truly mortified about. The American Cancer Society is dear to me and I deeply regret my thoughtless comment on the show. I'm a living example that everyone makes mistakes, which I talk about in my book. Learning from mistakes is what matters. Don't forget: "The moment you think you're ripe, you begin to rot."

My father's battle with cancer was very difficult for my family and me. I was very close to him and feel lucky I got to be with him to help him through it! Being a nurse definitely helped. I was so happy my mother came and that she got to share the evening with me. I think it was emotional for her to see my father up on the screen. She hardly spoke, as she was nervous and very camera shy. She's never been on TV before.