Mario Singer

Mario's happy to see more dancing and less drama!

on May 14, 2010


I don’t know about you, but I thought it was very enjoyable to finally see an episode with a minimal amount of drama. Could it be because the drama queens chose not to come along? Ramona had it right when she declared that Jill and LuAnn are buzz kills. Jill had chosen not to go because instead of the trip being about her, it was Ramona and the upcoming renewal of her vows that were the center of attention. LuAnn chose to follow along with Jill. No surprise there. Too bad they couldn’t convince Kelly to stay behind, but I guess we do need some drama. She certainly provided it.

At lunch we see Kelly start to lose it and she goes on the attack when the topic of Jill comes up. In her narration Bethenny states how it was like an electric shock that was setting off Kelly. I agree, but what was setting off that shock was the chip that Jill had embedded in Kelly so she could direct Kelly’s attack by remote control. That lemonade comment was vintage Kelly. After her self-imposed time out, Kelly manages to hold it together for a while until the evening when out of nowhere she begins to attack Bethenny, who is not only dealing with the loss of her father but is pregnant as well. I think Kelly’s lack of mood medication and the shots she was drinking (as well as that chip) finally took its toll and off into Kellyland she went. And what was wrong with 1979? I was having a great time.

There is a great scene with Bethenny and Alex waiting for the girls discussing Kelly and both go off into a fit of laughter. I find Alex’s laugh to be contagious.