Mario Singer

Mario responds to negative comments he's received from viewers.

on Apr 22, 2009


I must say it was very interesting to see the various responses to my last blog. Many of you appreciated the humor, but I would like to address a couple of comments that I received from a number of people.

First is my comment about LuAnn’s impending divorce that was written about in the media. Some of you thought I was “mean spirited” or striking a “low blow." However, if some thought is given to this, LuAnn could actually help couples who are faced with what often becomes a very ugly experience. When married couples decide to end their relationship, they often resort to some insane behavior and not only accuse each other of horrible acts, but fight over some of the least important possessions that have been accumulated during their years of marriage. Driven by their attorneys, the accusations begin to fly, the feelings of their children are forgotten and civil behavior goes out the window. I think it would be very helpful for someone to address this issue and offer people a way of facing this difficult process with dignity and grace during a time when they are at their worst. I hope that if LuAnn does decide to write about her experience she will at least give me an acknowledgement for coming up with the idea.

Next is the question about my faith or lack thereof. I’m not sure what this has to do with a reality show, but the answer is yes, I am a Christian and member of the Catholic faith. I regularly attend church and when in Southampton I enjoy the 9:30AM children’s mass given by Father Jeff at Sacred Heart of Jesus and Mary. I love some of the responses that children give to his questions. The church is magnificent with amazing stained glass windows. My daughter Avery was baptized there and I hope that one day (not very soon) she will be married there as well. I strongly believe in the power of prayer no matter what faith one practices.