Ramona Singer

Ramona shares more on her tiff with the Countess!

on Mar 10, 2009

I really like the additions I did to www.truefaithjewelry.com. You can now purchase a necklace that is diamond-like by the inch with beautiful pendants that look vintage. I mix sterling silver jewelry (plated with rhodium, an alloy of platinum) with all my other original vintage pieces and no one can tell the difference! Best of all, the quality is great and it maintains its luster and shine. So in addition to crosses, we've branched out to do other types of pieces. But we also have new fashion crosses, and we offer traditional items for First Communion and Confirmation. I am really pleased with how the line has come out. Throughout the show I am wearing all my designs, and I am really proud of them.

I really like Luann, but she always says one thing and then does another.

Kelly really does not show herself. She seems sweet, but I have no clue who she is. She does not seem to socialize with the other women. I was really very disappointed when she took me to the Richard Meier exhibit. She claims she is a great friend of his, yet she knew nothing about him. So how can they be great friends? I found that very telling of the type of person she is.

I really like Luann, but she always says one thing and then does another. When she spoke with me and Bethenny, I knew she was not telling the full truth. She wasn't saying everything she really thinks. But her daughter was there, so I did not push it.