Simon van Kempen

Simon talks Kelly's Playboy shoot, Jill and Bethenny's fashion show showdown, and more!

on Mar 18, 2010


As if to signify it’s the end of the Hamptons episodes we all get to sit in LuAnn’s backseat and be driven back to “The City” as she and Victoria head back from the Hamptons. This is a chance for a Mother/Daughter chat about Kelly’s upcoming Playboy shoot and is also an opportunity for the age difference between LuAnn’s daughter and Kelly’s daughters come into play. Victoria might only be three or four years older than Thaddeus (Teddy) but at that age her ability to deal with a naked Mom, if that was to happen, seems more assured. And so after a discussion where they hope that Kelly doesn’t get her ‘cha-chas’ out we move to a Kelly and her daughters.

So we join Kelly and her daughters as they sit and discuss the Playboy shoot and I get a little confused because Sea seems to be speaking in the past tense about Kelly “getting her boobs out." Kelly seeks some reassurance about her parenting skills and after Sea says “you work so hard for us” Kelly translates that into Kelly-speak as that “she’s too hard on them.” Fortunately it seems the apple fell very far from the tree and it’s hard to stifle a laugh as she preciously says that her Mom posed in Playboy “to entertain people with [her] weirdness” and just 5 minutes in I think Bravo has their quote of the episode. At the Learning Annex Bethenny’s up for speaking at an “educational speakers series” and I am glad she warned the audience that they weren’t going to learn much that evening as she really tried to turn it into an evening of stand up. Kathy Griffin you’re safe for awhile – a looooong while. What is interesting is that B tells us that speaking in front of hundreds of people is the reason she deals with all “this nonsense” which I take as a reference to appearing on this show; and previously The Apprentice-Martha Stewart. She must really be desperate to keep on speaking to hundreds of people as I am sure you all know she’s jumped into more “nonsense” as she’s now filming her own show Bethenny’s Getting Married. Gotta love nonsense!

As she continues her stand up routine, you have to pay props to the editors as they cut to the most prim & proper woman in the room to coincide with Bethenny’s language being bleeped.