Simon van Kempen

Simon recaps Bethenny's big announcement and Jill's awkward reaction.

on Apr 22, 2010

This week I’m writing this as I sit on a plane to Miami feeling a twinge of guilt as it is Earth Day and my carbon footprint has just grown. Does buying offsets assuage my guilt? Anyway, we’re in Florida as we have 4 signings on this leg of our book tour for Little Kids Big City. So far we’ve been getting great reviews (none of which we’ve written ourselves ;-) ); all over Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Borders as well as our Facebook fan page. At all our signings; we read some excerpts, take questions (on the show and book) and then, of course, sign books and take photographs. On Friday 4/23 from 7 p.m. we’ll be at Barnes & Noble in Boca Raton, Saturday from 4 p.m. Borders in Fort Lauderdale and Sunday we’re in Tampa also at Borders, from 2 p.m. If you’re in the area we’d love it if you’d pop in and see us. We’re adding dates as I type so check out for updates or make sure you join our FB fan Page as you’ll then be sent updates as we add event signings.

Now on to this the eighth episode, after this there’s another six left and then the Reunion Special(s?) and I just can not wait to see that. Can you?

In the opening credits we see six housewives holding an apple and I wonder if that will change throughout this episode? But soon we’re whisked off to Jill’s were she’d called the Visiting Vet Service of New York. We’ve often heard Jill say that pets and children are the most important living things in her life and there’s no doubt that she’s very attached to Ginger. Why? I have no idea. Now I come from a postion of bias in that my wife and children are my priorities; with pets a distant second. I’ve had both cats and dogs but if I wanted a small pet I’d have a cat or two (and we do) and if and when we have a dog; it will be a big one. Honestly, Chihuahuas are just not my cup of tea and what we’ve seen to date with Ginger explains why; nose licking, yapping, farting and now crapping all over the place. I am not sure what was particularly TV worthy in this scene other than forcing us to endure the disgusting behavior of Jill’s dog; that and the fact that Jill was wrong in her diagnosis. Ginger wasn’t sick just her behavior was. Honestly I think seeing Jill and LuAnn in bed again would have been better.

Bethenny arrives at Casa McCord van Kempen (and if you want to see more of our house check out these two bonus clips on - Cribs Pt1 & Cribs Pt2), for a spot of lunch and we hear in talking head mode from Bethenny that Alex is “low maintenance and an unconditional friend.” Now, I have no idea why she’d feel the need to point that out. Do you? But back live, Bethenny spurts out in Franglais that she’s engaged or rather ‘Je suis engaged’ and while Alex is genuinely excited for Bethenny, Bethenny seems much more reserved, which is surprising as we then hear that she’s not told another soul at this stage, unless she just meant that she hadn’t told any other Housewives. Just based on their interactions that have made it to air this season, Alex’s talking head of how touched she was that Bethenny had told her first, might seem a little too effusive, but knowing how much time they have talked since that Labor Day lunch at Ramona’s, it’s real and genuine. It’s weird writing about these sorts of life changing events when time has already marched on and Bethenny and Jason have since tied the knot; but I have to say that Bethenny is more happy in this scene and subsequently than I have ever seen her in the three years I’ve known her. Congratulations, Bethenny and Jason.