Simon van Kempen

Simon talks about Kelly photography skills, Jill and LuAnn's sleepover party, dysfunctional dads and more.

on Apr 8, 2010


So this week kicks off with Bethenny having invited Ramona to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge, and let me pause from this episode for a minute to state just how far the show has come in three years. Alex and I have never shied away from the fact that we proudly live in Brooklyn and are glad that the show titled Real Housewives of New York City not the Real Housewives of Manhattan, is helping make the rest of the nation aware of our borough. Brooklyn is not the poor relation to Manhattan, indeed there are parts of Brooklyn which easily rival parts of Manhattan, but that’s not my point. Both boroughs are integral parts of NYC and having lived in the both I am proud to call Brooklyn home. Brooklyn PSA over back to the episode...

Ramona is evidently in one of her ‘brutally honest to the point of rudeness phases’ and having called out Bethenny; for planting the Daily News story herself, not having any friends, telling her that she is going to screw up her relationship with Jason (2.0), (oh and being self centered, yet Bethenny was quick to shoot that one down stating that she’d tweeted to her 75,000 Twitter followers about Ramona’s HSN line, the previous week), she then is reminded that she was asked to walk with Bethenny to LISTEN, which to Ramona involves the very foreign and ancient art of silence.

Bethenny is either one of the world’s best actresses or her monologue about Jill ‘winning’ the argument was heartfelt and honest. And I really wonder if at this stage whether a face to face meeting is going to solve much. But if it happens it’s important that no one else is there; and certainly not LuAnn to egg Jill on from the bleachers.

Ramona was definitely surprised by Bethenny’s outburst and lo and behold both she and Bethenny are relieved, nay happy, to meet up with AlexandSimon which hopefully will facilitate a change of topic. We touched on their wild walk a little then all went off and ate.