Simon van Kempen

Simon talks about Kelly photography skills, Jill and LuAnn's sleepover party, dysfunctional dads and more.

on Apr 8, 2010

Alex has convened a meeting at New York Model Management’s office, Bethenny arrives first, clearly troubled by something and here Alex gives Ramona a master class in listening skills. She allows Bethenny to off load some pretty upsetting news, helps her get her thoughts straight and never imposes or talks over her. Yes, I love and am proud of my wife! Anyway what is it this season with dysfunctional Dads? Over the years Bethenny has been brutal about her Father and his apparent lack of parenting skills and I suppose one could wonder why she’d be upset over his terminal illness. To me this is the bond of blood. However much she might have resented him in life he was still her blood relative & his illness understandably reopened old wounds. She was right to go see and try and see him.

As Kelly arrives I must wink at the editing Gods as Bethenny’s prior line was just a great intro. Ramona, Derek and then Loris Diran arrive to select models, fortunately Bethenny seems to relax a little until Ramona tells her she should come visit next week as Jill’s coming over.

This week’s scene caught amongst the ads is a nice little run down of LuAnn’s pied-à-terre demands as she seeks to reclaim her little Manhattan footprint. Of course what we didn’t hear was her budget (or bedroom requirement) but let me tell you, satisfying that wish list would have added up to anything between $5,000 & $15,000 per month. I wonder if we’ll ever get to se what she chose?

We get a second visit to Brooklyn this episode (wow in just 35 minutes four housewives have made the trip across the bridge – see it’s not so bad!). This meeting was an attempt for Alex and Jill to clear the air over some of the things she’d said about our chums. Watching Jill, in talking head mode, deny she’d ever said anything about the boys that brought Alex to a head at Saks, displays a serious rewrite of history. And I think that’s not the first, nor the last time this season she will attempt that.

Anyway as they sit down Jill says she won’t bring up that Alex was mad at her but as Alex starts explaining her and others involvement you see Jill tense a little; needing to know everything and whether Bethenny’s involved. Initially Jill seems remorseful that her phone call with Bethenny didn’t go very well, but as Alex tries to explain to Jill that now would be a good time to reach out, Jill guesses (knows?) that the issue is B’s Dads illness. I suppose relationships are all that’s left in this world but all the more reason for Jill to understand that Bethenny might need help at this time.

Back across the East River luAnn and Jill arrive at Ramona’s to go through her closet. Ramona evidently didn’t get the memo that the Countess would only be working with a HIGH END thrift store; which to me is an oxymoron if ever there was one.