Simon van Kempen

Simon van Kempen shares his thoughts on this week's episode!

on Mar 17, 2009

Ramona gets another chance to talk about Alex & me as being phony and unreal and walks away almost as we walk into the room. We were chatting with LuAnn about her book and mentioned we’d started writing one while we’d been on vacation about parenting and toddlers in NYC. Cut to an interview with LuAnn discussing the imponderable that we’re writing a book on ‘child behavior’ and then footage of a screaming Francois at last year’s 21 Club dinner. Our book is neither about child behavior nor a ‘how to’ parenting guide, but merely an anecdotal look at Alex & my experience of bringing up two young toddlers in an urban environment. We’ve discussed this, a lot recently, with many different parenting publications and you can find more information at the following links:

Look out for our book The Urban Parent: Tales From a Real House in New York City in the very near future.

There might be some humor to be found by some of you that Alex & I are writing a book involving what we’ve discovered as parents but one thing that has come through, both in the 1st and 2nd season, is the love we have for our children and the fact that we are very much involved in their young lives. We went into the writing of our book knowing full well how certain instances of our children’s behavior was highlighted in Season 1 and determined to shrug that off as the anomaly it was. Unlike last season we refused to put them in any situation not conducive to their age and so far you’ve yet to see any real misbehavior from them this season. LuAnn went into the filming of Season 2 knowing full well that she was working on her book Class with the Countess and unfortunately for her she’s said things over and over again that when edited tightly together produce a none too flattering portrait of her own skills in etiquette and grace. Perhaps she should look to herself before deridingly laughing at our book!