Simon van Kempen

Simon shares details on the big renovation reveal.

on Apr 28, 2009

This episode opens with Alex, the boys and me visiting Jill at Zarin Fabrics to choose some fabrics for our living room window treatments. Surprisingly Jill mentioned that she wished we’d given her a little more notice, so I guess she’d forgotten the conversation we’d had when she’d visited us at our house the previous month. But this isn’t the only time that Jill made a little slip up. I guess when some one’s prodding you with lines it’s easy to do. Anyway we had taken a 12” x 12” paint swatch of the living room wall color and chose a wonderful black and red fabric. You see us with the boys looking at rolls of fabric after fabric and when Francois is on my shoulders & nowhere near any of the rolls, one starts to roll out too far. Jill’s voiceover mentions how Francois caused this and we get the second time that the sound doesn’t match reality. Lastly as we leave you hear her mention that she’s nervous about doing window treatments when we don’t have any windows. Huh! And that’s three!

Next Bethenny calls into see Francky l’Official, in her words her ‘token gay friend” and hairdresser. I wonder if he’s a token friend or a token gay? Anyway, Francky suggests setting up a blind date with an ex model friend of his and I am wondering whether Bethenny sees a chance to compete with Kelly with Max. She seems not to sure about it but as she says she’s nothing to lose.

Back at out house it is two weeks to go before our house warming party and you can see that there’s still an enormous amount to be done. The kitchen is still missing, there’s a huge hole in the back wall, the 1/2 bath is missing – the walls in it haven’t even been sheet rocked! (We were still waiting for the NYC plumbing inspection and couldn’t close them until we’d passed.)