Sonja Morgan

Sonja gives her take on the wild time the wives had at Ramona's bachelorette party!

on May 13, 2010

So fun going through the Vix swimsuits with Ramona and feeling the joy of her hard-earned hot figure. I gifted her one of the sexier suits because I knew she could pull it off. It's inspiring that she looks so great, not for her age but for any age.

Ramona started a conversation at our first lunch on the boat about what went down with Jill. Kelly attempts to take the high road to defend Jill, but women do need to express their feelings in order to bond. I had no place commenting, so I'm thinking...when is my pedicure? And... aren't we on vacation here? Also, I was wearing a fabulous swimsuit. Hope you people caught it. It's at least five years old and owes me no money. Always hand wash (in the bidet - you saw my cribs on Tee Hee)!

Did you catch my new motto? May I never suck the air out of a room. Kelly liked it!

I was very proud of my husband, and very proud of our marriage, our families, and my ego took it between the eyes when we split. My obvious happiness and open, sharing nature made me vulnerable to people with ulterior motives. I don't operate that way and was raised in a community of 1500 people where one is held accountable. Most of all to God. He doesn't care about prestige or power. In the end he cares about ordinary people doing extraordinary things for the people in need that they find in their lives. We ALL do this on some level and will only feel good about the things we have done on our last breath.

I know Ramona said it was a bachelorette party, but puhleese, after my Martin cocktail and my limit of wine at dinner my friend Kelly "Patron" Bennsimon brought out these espresso shots that turned out to be tequila! I thought the tequila came after, not in! That along with PMS, the time change, the stress of our first day, feeling a little self-conscience seeing how fit the ladies figures were, and the memories that were flooding my senses, I became emotional. Bethenny and Kelly were so kind to stop fighting with each other for once to bolster my confidence by saying I look amazing, hugging me, and actually feeling my pain. Both of them did! Looks are not everything but every woman wants to look, feel and be the best they can.