Sonja Morgan

Newest Housewife and "lifestyle expert" Sonja Morgan talks sex, relationships, and creating a stir!

on Apr 22, 2010


Hello Bravo watchers! This is my first blog so let's get to it.

Firstly, dating/networking/flirting and sex are two different things! So if you see me out at a movie or dinner with a fine man, or hear me say I enjoy the company of men, don't assume we are more than friends (even if I am an incorrigible flirting drama queen who likes to get a rise!) Excuse the pun.

I have made a living for myself from my networking by endorsing restaurants, resorts, artists, films, assorted venture capital deals, because some people say I have good taste and know how to live. Hence the title "lifestyle expert." I guess gardening, charity work, good food, wine, yoga and animals just aren't as sensational for reality television. Come on folks! What am I the Lily von Schtupp of Blazing Saddles for the RHNYC? I guess I will just have to wear that lampshade because as long as my mouth runs on tape there will always be great edits to create a stir.

So episode 8, season 3.

How funny was the scene with Jill's dog, Ginger? Everyone out there in this kind of situation needs to have a bottle of Nature's Miracle. (Red and white bottle) I don't know how I lived without it and have had a slew of dogs, cats, horses, and other animal mishaps. It neutralizes odors, and removes yellow stains. Perfume will not. It's also amazing on baby stains. I will leave that up to your imagination.

Ramona was spot on with her daughter in trusting her to make the right decisions at this point. She has given Avery the upbringing to support that. I also thought Avery's hair was incredibly chic.

I felt LuAnn's pain. If I ever lose my townhouse I will be crushed. It's our main home and where my daughter feels secure. Divorce and moving are on the top ten stress list. However, LuAnn is handling it with class, and her sprawling Hampton place IS her family's main home, and that IS divine. She will have a ball decorating her new NY place and hopefully LuAnn will ask for my help. I adore creating a wonderful environment for people who have an aesthetic sense along with wholesome family values.