Tamra Barney

Tamra shares some advice for Silex and gets pumped for the premiere of The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

on Apr 29, 2009

B goes to see Francky to get her roots done. He has a name I have never heard before and I keep saying it over and over again in my head just because. Francky, a very hot gay man (go figure) has a piece of hot model butt for B. After Googling her name and showing him her pic, he was ready to jump on board. B demanded to see what picture he saw, and then proceeded to say, "I don't blame him, that's a good one." You gotta give the girl props for letting everyone know she thinks she's HOT. So they meet at a restaurant and clearly B brought the twins out to play. Way to rock the titties! They had a cute little conversation and he clearly only understood about 50% of what she was talking about, which was probably a good thing since she wouldn't shut up. She seemed a little nervous. I see it going NOWHERE FAST, but that's OK, because unmarried B and Gay Francky made a deal: "If we're still single when we turn 40, let's marry each other." Don't bother, just let him knock you up and call it day. No need to complicate things.

I was really excited about seeing Simon and Alex's house. Although it wasn't my taste, I though it looked wonderful. (I was going to say amazing...but Kelly truly ran that word into the ground.) I almost think the Alice Cooper picture works - who knew?

The whole conversation with Bethenny and Kelly was confusing and a waste of B's time. How can you argue with someone who can't even speak? Kelly is really OUT there. I can't figure this girl out. If I have to hear that baby voice one more time I am going jump in the TV and sew her lips together. For the record, I don't believe Kelly is dating Max for a New York minute. I think it is a lame excuse for Max to get camera time.

OK so I saw the commercial for New Jersey and thought to myself, I can't wait! I got out my phone and texted Jacqueline (one of the New Jersey wives) and she was watching the NY show at the same time. So we get to texting back and forth and OMG, let me just tell you how much I love this girl.