Teresa Giudice

Teresa talks about Alex's outburst, and wonders if Jill and B had a secret makeup (and makeout) sesh.

on Apr 30, 2010


Oh my gosh, what a crazy episode! If you liked it, circle "yes." Or tell Jacqueline to tell me and I’ll send you a text if I agree or maybe Caroline will Twitter you, but if it's not in our Google alert, and I block you, then call Perez Hilton ... WTH? Seriously, there is way too much indirect communication in New York!

The big question of the episode was: Did Bethenny really send Alex to deliver "the message"? I watched it a couple times, and I don’t think so. I think Bethenny just meant it casually, but Alex took it and ran with it. And made it bigger than it was, like the childhood game of telephone...

I’m seriously confused about what possessed Alex. She’s usually so cool and she’s way too smart to just be Bethenny’s messenger girl. Obviously something else was going on with Alex. Something has been simmering. Believe me, I know about things building up all season until you finally blow ... but it was just so surprising from Alex. Maybe she has a little Italian in her, no? I guess we’ll see more next week when Alex finally talks for Alex.

Bethenny did say she was "done" with Jill, but really Jill had already said that to Bethenny. Clearly in New York, "I’m done" doesn’t really mean "I’m done" (in Jersey, it means you’re done!) I almost wish they were done and we could stop seeing all the behind-the-back, through other people fighting, but from upcoming previews, they are sitting down with each other again.