An Introduction

LuAnn de Lesseps welcomes you to submit your questions about etiquette!

Since the first season of The Real Housewives of NYC began to air, I have been deluged with e-mails and letters asking my advice on everything from what to wear to knowing what to say, from table manners to how to radiate self-confidence. It became obvious that people are confused about what is appropriate in a world in which anything goes, and people were turning to me for advice. My goal is to show you that even if you are not born into the world of high society or marry into it, you can learn manners, sophistication and grace. It’s about feeling good in your own skin and making other people feel comfortable. That’s what class is all about. I decided to address the many questions I received by writing my book Class with the Countess to be published on April 16th by Gotham Books. Until then,  I welcome your questions and look forward to sharing my life lessons and distinctive advice on how to navigate our sometimes rude world.

Post your etiquette questions for LuAnn de Lesseps below!

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