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Four Sides to Every Story

Mario counts four different versions of the events in St. John.


It is really amazing to see the different versions of what happened in St. John. I counted four. Kelly's, Jill's, LuAnn's and the truth.

Let's start with Kelly's. ?????????? OK, enough said.

Jill. She was just in the neighborhood and thought she would surprise Ramona and the rest of the girls. I think it was more of an ambush. Apparently it's OK for Jill to show up unannounced with Bobby in tow (on a girls trip) and "surprise" everyone. I do recall how she resented being ambushed at our apartment when Bethenny was there to try and resolve their fight. It always amazes me how Jill continues to try and put a positive spin on everything she does when the camera does not lie. You say it, you own it.

LuAnn. I do have to give her some credit for realizing that Kelly was out of line. However, like Jill she gave a lame excuse for not going on the trip. The truth is that Jill had conspired to get all the girls to not go on Ramona’s trip and LuAnn was the only one to stick with team Jill. I think she did herself a disservice and would have come off as more sincere had she gone along with the rest of the ladies.

Then of course there is the truth and what you saw is pretty much how it went down. It's too bad that the ladies only had one day of peace in paradise and even that was interrupted by "Surpriseeeee!"