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Miss Confident

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Ramona: Just Don't Ask Me to Go Every Year

Miss Confident

Ramona talks about her embarrassing runway walk, renewing her vows with Mario, and more!


Well, let's talk about Brooklyn fashion week. Or can we forget I ever walked down that runway? How embarrassing. It's a good thing I do not make my living walking the runway, as I would starve. I was a deer in headlights. I was so frightened and nervous and was mortified later to see how I looked and so was my daughter Avery. I was sooo scared! Me, usually Miss Confident, Miss I Can Do Anything, totally freaked.

On a better note, I thought Alex looked beautiful! I was so proud of how she pulled Brooklyn Fashion Weekend together. I must say I am enjoying our friendship and we are taking it slowly. She impresses me every step of the way and we are evolving and deepening our friendship in a meaningful way. I am not even going to comment on Jill's behavior. Some people have a bad hair day or days; well this was a bad Jill day.

I not only love my husband but I really LIKE him. You can love your mother, father, wife, husband but you may not like them. My mom loved my dad, but I know she did not like him. I cannot believe Mario and I have been married eighteen years. I first thought sixteen amazing how time flies when you really like someone and enjoy them and of course love them. I really felt it was important for us to recommit to each other. I never take my relationship with my husband for granted. I hope down the road our paths will always be together, but you never know. The most important thing to me in a marriage is trust and communication. The same is true for friendships. I felt it was the right time for us to renew our vows. I have been renewing myself in so many ways, and I wanted to renew my vows with Mario.

Jill likes to have the best of everything. Anyone in business knows that Kodak is having huge and severe problems. I asked Jill a simple question about the business. I find it difficult to understand the way Jill has been acting lately.


Sonya is adorable, and she always makes me laugh. She is secure, warm and not threatened by other women. Her dress story was funny. She was trying on a size 2 dress and could not even zip it up. The dress was way too small for her and she never would have purchased it. There were two of them - I bought one and she never bought the other!